The greatest gift

This time, I decided to share a poem I wrote. It shows the importance of not taking each day for granted (as we usually do), of remembering Allah, to remember the greatest gift that He has given us… a gift that motivates us to feel… to act… to embrace each day in the way we only can, when using this gift in the best way…

I made a recording of myself reading it here below, the same poem in writing underneath…

In the morning when we rise
It’s a gift right from the skies
To be grateful and to praise
That He has granted life and days

The life has many turns
Many troubles and concerns
It’s like we are inside a cage
We start to feel our age

But when we calm our hearts
And when all the chaos departs
We remember that He’s near
The Light that makes things clear

The greatest gift of all
Something made to hear the call
It’s something beautiful and true
It’s the heart He’s given you

You can also find this poem added to my Poetry page, right here.
I hope you enjoyed it and that it has affected you in a positive way.

The best of times to you all inshallah.
Peace, happiness, and stay faithful.


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  1. MashAllah , that is so beautiful.
    I love you, brother…


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